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In the past three decades, injury has become one of the top five causes of death in Taiwan. In 2000, the Graduate Institute of Injury Prevention and Control (IPC) was founded as the first postgraduate institute in Asia devoted to injury research. The main objective of our doctoral program commenced in 2015 aims at achieving a higher standard of basic and applied research in injury prevention and control.   Our excellence in both research and education programs has regularly attracted international students since 2010.

The Institute has been actively devoted to injury prevention and control in the past decade, and has had the following achievements:

  1. The national trauma dataset is established, and regularly updated, aiming to provide a platform/system that integrates multi-disciplined areas such as publc health, epidemiology, and safety for improving domestic safety in Taiwan. Helmet use when riding motorcycle has become a law as a result of the efforts by Prof Chiu Wen-Ta, the founder of the Institute. The helmet-use law has effectively reduced motorcyclists’ deaths that result from head injuries. Another outstanding achievement of the institute includes the National Aeromedical Approval Center (NAAC) that provides 24-hour emergency assistance for critical patients in Taiwan.

  2. The academic members within the institute are the founders for several injury-prevention related organizations such as Taiwanese Community Safety Promotion Center and Taiwanese Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Association (TIPSPA) that provide integration among industries, academicians, and governmental bureaus.

  3. Outstanding research records have been established within the institute – the multi-disciplined research topics include traumatic brain injury with NIH of US, aviation medicine, elderly injury, rehabilitation medicine, violence, neurosurgery, spinal injury and traffic safety.


★ To cultivate professionals in injury prevention and control research.
To promote Taiwan as a world-class leading pioneer of injury prevention and control.
To popularize injury prevention and control and serve our society.