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Educational Objectives & Core Ability

Program Educational Objectives Core Ability
Master To obtain independent think
To possess practical ability and spirit to serve the community
To possess broad international perspective and broad thinking
To combine different fields of knowledge and expertise
To obtain abilities for completing tasks for injury prevention and control
To develop innovation, independent and critical thinking
To implement injury prevention and control to society
To obtain an international visions
To integrate and apply injury prevention expertise to various fields
To specialize in injury prevention and control and, fundamental research and teaching capability
To possess injury prevention concepts and to apply injury prevention strategies and skills
Ph.D. To obtain independent and innovative thinking
To fulfill services to society and academic ethics and integrity
To expand an international vision and competitiveness
To obtain ability to integrate multi-disciplinary fields
To obtain professionals and leadership in the field of injury prevention and control
To obtain independent thinking, innovation, and inventive ability
To fulfill professional ethics to society and enthusiasms to serve society
To obtain expertise to promote injury prevention and control in Taiwan
To obtain multi- disciplinary expertise based on fundamentals in injury prevention and control
To obtain ability to produce a research proposal for securing research grants
To have leaderships with initiating policies in the field of injury prevention and control