School-leaving Procedures for the Spring Semester of 2021

  • 2021-07-14
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  1.   Given the severe Covid-19 situation, face-to-face contact shall be prevented to reduce risks. However, considering the importance of diploma and the uncontrollable risks that may be involved in the mail delivery such as delays, loss, damage and defacement of mail, which may incur subsequent forfeiture and reissue procedures, students graduating in the Spring semester of 2021 are offered with two options for diploma collection: “mail by proxy” and “collect in person by reservation”.
  2.  Please visit Academic Affairs Information System to check if you are qualified for the diploma before collection. (Graduate’s Qualification Check available from 15 June, 2021)
  3.  The system will go live starting from 15 June, 2021. Please go to: Academic Affairs Information SystemGraduation ProcedureSchool Leaving Checklist for Graduates.
  4. Checkbox for “Graduate Qualification” should have been checked (V). Master’s degree and Ph.D. graduates must pass the thesis defense/qualifying exam.
  5. Checkbox for each school-leaving procedure required by each relevant office should have been checked (V). If there are outstanding tasks, please get in contact with the office in charge as soon as possible. Please see the attachment for detailed procedures required by each office.
  6. Options for collection of diploma (for students qualified for graduation and having completed all procedures in the checklist only):
  7. Mail by proxy: 15 June, 2021-10 September, 2021
  8. Please send the completed Authorization Letter for Collection and Mailing of Diploma by Proxy during COVID-19 Pandemic along with your student ID card and a thick kraft paper envelope (size: 290×385mm, net weight:~50g) bearing sufficient registered mail with return receipt postage to the TMU Registration Section.
  9. If the diploma is to be sent to a foreign address, please make sure mails from Taiwan can be delivered to that country. The postage shall be calculated at the actual cost and be paid by the student. Risks including returned mail and damage of the diploma shall be the sole responsibility of the student.
  10. Please make sure that the kraft paper envelope provided is solid and please take into consideration the uncontrollable risks involved in the mail delivery, such as delays, loss, damage and defacement of mail. Registration Section will send text message to notify that your diploma has been sent. Please check your mail as appropriate.
  1. Collect in person by reservation: 1 July, 2021-10 September, 2021
  2. Please click the link below to fill out the reservation form for the collection of diploma 3 days before your scheduled date.
  3. Link to the reservation form: (available from 15 June, 2021)
  4. Opening hours for diploma collection: 9:00 am~12:00 pm & 2:00 pm~5:00 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding holidays and Wednesdays during summer vacation); maximum of 20 people accepted per hour.
  5. Please make sure to bring your student ID card. In case of collection by proxy, the proxy must be TMU student and shall bring the Authorization Letter, his/her own National ID card/Alien Resident Certificate ID and the student ID card of the authorizer.
  6. Location: TMU Room 8101、at office of Academic affairs from August.
  7. Authorization Letter for Collection and Mailing of Diploma by Proxy during COVID-19 Pandemic and the Authorization Letter are available for download at the Office of Academic Affairs website→ “Registration Section”→ “Download”.
  8. For students qualified for graduation who are not in urgent need of a physical diploma but in need of a proof of degree, please email to Registration Section at to request a scanned copy of the diploma as a tentative proof. Registration Section will not provide scanned copies to those who have collected their diplomas.
  9. You will only be issued with one diploma, so please keep it in a safe place. Where the diploma is lost, you may request at your own expense a new copy, and a graduation headshot shall be provided for the preparation of the reissued diploma. Except for the newly added “original diploma lost/damaged” mark, the reissued diploma shall be the same as the original both in terms of content and format.
  10. The existing procedures are subject to adjustments depending on the updates from the Central Epidemic Command Center and the University’s Epidemic Prevention Meeting. Please stay informed and act accordingly.