【April 21 - Lecture Invitation】Importance of Antivirals for the Management of COVID-19

  • 2021-04-20
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Date: April 21, 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: 3 - 5 PM (GMT+8)
<<Lecture Information>>
The COVID-19 pandemic had caused over 74 million confirmed cases and more than 1.6 million related deaths around the world by the end of December 2020. However, there have been only a few drugs that were approved in certain areas and for special circumstances including use in conditional patients. More importantly, several vaccine candidates were only recently approved or authorized without being fully implemented worldwide, suggesting that we are yet to reach worldwide effective control of the current outbreak, making its uninhibited transmission a critical public health issue. Over the past year, several therapeutic drug candidates have been demonstrated to be ineffective in large clinical trials, while some other agents exhibited promising results in preliminary studies. Meanwhile, the investigation for the development of SARS-CoV-2-specific antivirals is underway. We invite Professor Enzo Tramontano from the Department of Life, Environmental and Drug Sciences of the University of Cagliari, Italy, to update us on the current status of therapeutic antiviral candidates that have been explored for COVID-19 management, and discuss what are the current challenges and future prospect of developing potent therapeutic antiviral agents against COVID-19.

<<Speaker Introduction>>
Dr. Enzo Tramontano is a Professor of virology in the Department of Life, Environmental and Drug Sciences at the University of Cagliari, Italy. He has long-standing expertise in antiviral drug development, particularly in the field of developing HIV inhibitors. He currently serves as the Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy and is also a member of the European Society of Virology, the International Society for Antiviral Research, the American Society of Microbiology, the Italian Society of Virology, and the Italian Society of General Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnologies. His research is focused on the understanding and characterization of enzymatic reactions performed by proteins which are validated as targets for drug development and include the identification of HIV-1 RT-associated RNase H activity inhibitors and the characterization of Ebola virus VP35 function and identification of its inhibitors.

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活動日期/時間:2021年4月21日 (三)/ 下午3-5點 (GMT+8)

到2020年12月,COVID-19大流行已經在全球造成超過7400萬例確診病例和160萬例相關死亡。然而,只有少數幾種藥物在某些地區被批准用於有條件的患者,並且多種候選疫苗只有在近期才被批准,而尚未在全球範圍內全面實施,這表示我們尚未有有效的臨床藥物能夠針對COVID-19進行全面控制。在過去的一年中,許多大型臨床試驗已證明幾種治療候選藥物無效,而其他一些藥物則顯示出振奮人心的初步結果。同時,針對SARS-CoV-2特異性抗病毒藥物的研究也正在進行中。我們邀請了義大利卡利亞里大學生命、環境與藥物科學系的Enzo Tramontano教授 為我們重點介紹開發針對COVID-19的有效治療劑的當前挑戰和未來前景,一同探討抗病毒藥物對於控制全球COVID-19疫情的重要性。

Dr. Enzo Tramontano是義大利卡利亞里大學生命、環境與藥物科學系的教授。他在抗病毒藥物開發方面擁有豐富的專業經驗,特別對於愛滋病病毒的抗病毒藥物開發有卓越的貢獻。他目前擔任卡利亞里大學生物與藥學院的院長,也是歐洲病毒學學會、國際抗病毒研究學會、美國微生物學會、義大利病毒學會和義大利微生物學暨微生物生物技術學會的成員。他的研究專注於了解可作為藥物開發目標的病毒蛋白酶所進行的生化反應及找尋其相關之抗病毒藥物,其中包含開發愛滋病毒反轉錄酶相關的核糖核酸酶 H (RNase H) 之活性抑製劑,以及研究伊波拉病毒蛋白VP35的功能與抑製劑的開發。

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