【Enrollment of 2023】It is open to apply and TMU IPC is looking forward your participate!

  • 2022-11-16
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TMU IPC (Ask us about your Enrollment of 2023)
For international students, the Enrollment of 2023 is open for applying.
If you are planning to join with us in 2023, pls feel free to visit the link below and leave us your information for a better assistance. 

Apply for your enrollment of 2023 in TMU (Apply Now!!)  https://oge.tmu.edu.tw/admission/apply/

*Ask OGE(Enrollment Relatives) 
For further inquiries, please contact the Office of Global Engagement via E-mail: admission@tmu.edu.tw or dial +886-2-2736-1661 ext. 2719, 2709
*Ask Facutly(Academic Relatives)