2018 TMU Student Paper Award Announcement

  • 2018-11-07
  • Admin Admin
1.Qualifications: Any student who during their term of study at TMU publishes a paper in a journal indexed in SCI, SSCI, EI or A&HCI listing their affiliation with the university may apply for this award. The applicant shall be the first author and the tutor shall be the corresponding author.
2. Application Date: From Nov.
12th to Dec.14th 2018.
3. The amount of the student thesis scholarship equals half of the teacher’s dissertation payment. If the thesis has two or more first authors, the same amount would be divided equally among these authors. However, first authors all being students of the University are excluded from the regulation. (Please see the detail on "TMU Thesis Scholarship Regulations" and "Reward Index and Work Details for TMU Academic Research Awards" )。
4. Application System: Link. Applicants should submit and upload 
all the document. If the total amount of the scholarships is beyond the budget, each amount shall be reduced proportionately.
. The detail for application information, notices and user instructions will announcement at the login entry of "Student Paper Award ​System"  and provide download reference.