【Announcement】111 Student Paper Award Application is open from Nov. 07- Dec. 6

  • 2022-11-02
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2022 Student research paper award open for applications from November 07 to December 06, 2022.



Student Research Paper Award Application Procedure


1. 線上申請「學生論文獎學金」

Submit application online https://rdsys.tmu.edu.tw/SUARPA/Forms/LoginPage.aspx

2. 指導老師、系所主管審核

Verification by advisor and department head

3. 研究發展會議審核

Verification by Research and Development committee

4. email通知發放獎金

Applicants will be notified by e-mail in January



Application Details for Student Research Paper Award



2022 Student research paper award open for applications from November 07 to December 06, 2022.


2、凡本校在學學生以第一作者身分發表論文於 SCI、 SSCI、 EI或 A&HCI 期刊,其指導教授或共同指導教授為通訊作者,且第一作者及通訊作者皆以本校名義發表該篇論文,得依本要點申請學生論文獎學金。

Applications of the Student Research Paper Award are open to students of TMU who have published papers, in the name of TMU, as the first authors, with their advisors or co-advisors as the corresponding authors in the name of TMU. The papers must be published in journals listed under the SCI, SSCI, EI or A&HCI journals.



Each applicant can apply for the award for no more than three research papers published in the year of application, with no more than one applicant applying for each paper.

Applicants may not repeat the application of the award and the Research Paper Award defined by the Reward Index and Work Details for TMU Academic Research Awards using the same research papers.



The publication date for the paper should be within the 2022 calendar year.



The attached files should be clearly identifiable and attached in the following order:

(1) 外籍申請人須連同「居留證」、「護照」一併上傳。

International students should also attach passport and residence permit photocopy.

(2) 銀行存摺封面影本。

Photocopy of the cover of bank account passbook.

(3)SCI期刊論文之Impact factor、最佳排名及歸屬學門領域證明。

請參閱2020 SCI Journal Citation Report(若無此資料亦可至圖書館網頁查詢影印)。SSCI、EI、A&HCI 等收載之期刊論文,也請上傳該期刊所屬研究領域之相關證明資料。

Impact factor for SCI, best ranking and proof from relevant academic field: Please refer to 2021 SCI Journal Citation Report. The published thesis on SSCI, EI, and A&HCI and other journals should attached academic proof from relevant academic field.


(4)學術期刊論文original paper (原始論著)、reprint(抽印本)、galley proof(校樣本)或接受函。

The original paper, reprint, galley proofs, and letter of acceptance.


並請務必用螢光筆在論文上註記標示 「第一作者姓名」 及 「相同貢獻作者姓名」 、 「通訊作者姓名」 、 「發表學校名稱」 、 「出版日期」 、 「期刊名稱」 、 「期刊論文歸屬學門領域」 、 「Impact factor」 、 「最佳排名」 、 「論文巻/期」 、 「論文頁數起訖」。

Please highlight for annotation on the paper: the first author, equal contributor, corresponding author, school, publication date, journal name, field of research, impact factor, best ranking, volume number and pages.


(5)應屆畢業生或博士後研究員請上傳畢業證書,若有其他作者與第一作者equal contribution為北醫學生者,要一起上傳學生證影本,俾利審核計算獎學金。

New graduates and postdoctoral researchers should attach certificate of graduation. If there are first authors in equal contribution or other authors, their student IDs should be uploaded as well.


6、  申請本獎學金之論文,一篇僅有一位第一作者時,本獎學金之獎勵金額,以「臺北醫學大學暨附屬醫院學術研究獎獎勵指標及作業細則」所定之研究論文獎獎勵金額乘以0.5 計算。





The prize given by the Student Research Paper Award to a paper with only one first author is 50% that given by the Research Paper Award defined by the Reward Index and Work Details for TMU Academic Research Awards.

If the paper has two or more first authors, then the prize shall be calculated as follows:

(1)    If all the first authors are students of TMU, the award shall be calculated as aforementioned.

(2)    If only one first author is a student of TMU, the award shall be calculated as aforementioned and divided by the number of first authors.

(3)    If two or more of the first authors are students of TMU, the award shall be calculated as aforementioned, divided by the number of first authors, and multiplied by the number of students in TMU.

If the sum of all prizes to be granted exceeds the budget of the current year, the prize granted to each paper shall be reduced proportionally.


7、  總獎勵金額如超過該年度預算,則每件獎勵金額按比例刪減。

If the amount of the award exceeds the annual budget, each award will be reduced proportionately.


8、  博士後研究人員得準用本要點申請及領取本獎學金。

Postdoctoral researchers may apply for and receive the award in accordance with the Directions.

9、  Letters to the editor 及 comment 不列入「學生論文獎學金」計算。

Letters to the editor and commentary articles are not eligible.



Please refer to rules and regulations regarding Best Student Paper Award and Academic Research Awards of Taipei Medical University Affiliated Hospitals.



Please press 「save」 and 「send」 after filling in the information to complete the procedure.



Please contact the Office of R&D if you have questions (Ms. Chen, 02-2736-1661, ex. 7114 ally.c@tmu.edu.tw).


Please consult the Office of Information Services with any system operation problems (Ms. Chen, 02-66382736, ex. 1613).