《2018 Teachers and Students Joint Academic Research Symposium》

  • 2018-03-26
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2018 Teachers and Students Joint Academic Research Symposium
  1. Application style:
  2. File Format:
    • An abstract (PDF file) (Over one page can’t be accepted).
    • A poster (PDF file) (Over one page can’t be accepted).
    • Abstract should contain:
      1. Topic (Chinese / English).
      2. Author (Chinese / English)
      3. Please note the symbols the first author "#" and corresponding author "*"
      4. Author service units (Chinese / English).
      5. Summary of content (Introduction / Methods / Results / Conclusions) (in Chinese or English).
      6. Keywords.
    • Please select the field of participation in the study, the organizers have the right to cancel the field does not meet the winning entries.
    • Overtime application or incomplete information can’t be accepted.
  3. Schedule:
    • System Open107/03/26 (Mon)
    • Abstract Upload Deadline107/04/13 (Fri)
    • Poster Upload Deadline107/04/20 (Fri)
    • Poster Posting107/05/19 (Sat)107/05/21 (Mon)
    • Poster Exhibition107/05/22 (Mon)107/05/25 (Fri)
    • Oral Report107/05/22 (Tue) AM 10001200
    • Poster Exhibition107/05/25 (Fri) PM 13001700
P.S. Applicants should self-recovery poster, the organizers do not retain the exhibition works.
  • Dismantling107/05/26 (Sat) AM
P.S. Posters unified recycling, the organizers will not be retained.

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2.Do not use [copy paste]

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