[Important Announcement] IPC Epidemic Prevention of Fall, 2022

  • 2022-09-08
  • Admin Admin
The class will resume in next week. Since the campus is open to outsiders,
and there is serval confirmed cases, please cooperate with the government
policy and wear a mask while you are in campus. If you have suspected
symptoms, you should not come to the school. Please go home and tell class
teacher and the faculty.
When entering the Injury Prevention Office
1. Wear a mask at all time
2. For those with suspected symptoms, please cooperate with the office to
check on the temperature.
IPC Epidemic Prevention Case-Report Process
*Regardless of the source of infection, those who are infected or
suspected (including quick test positive/PCR positive/received a home
quarantine notice, etc.), please contact IPC secretary.
1. The reporting process of the institute: Please contact with IPC Secretary.
Teachers and students are requested to cooperate with the follow-up reporting
and tracking.
2. Quarantine: Report your temperature daily. The end of the quarantine, you
should be tested a negative result. Please inform IPC Secretary 1 day before
entering the school, and only those who are negative after re-testing can enter
our office.
Questions? Please Contact with
IPC Secretary -Jean /Chen-Yi Chen (chenchinyi@tmu.edu.tw)
(2022.09.08 This announcement will be read near the entrance of our office)

For the project assistants, they will be informed by the Project Director.