Journal Paper

Year Authors Paper Title
2018 Tsai, Chia Hung Effect of Emergency Department Crowding on Medical Costs and Mortality among Trauma Patients
2018 Tsai, Hsien Lin Importance of Artificial Membrane Oxygenator's Pressure Gradient in Extra-corporeal Circulation System for Hemolysis Prevention
2017 Ko Shih Yu Prehospital management and follow up study of head injury patients in emergency air medical transport(EAMT)
2017 Li, Shan Jen (Adviser: Mau-Roung Lin) Medication Use and Other Risk Factors for Inpatient Falls in an Acute Care Hospital
2017 Liu Hsiao Dung Resilience Assessment of Hospital Response to a Mass Burn Casualty Incident
2017 LI,YU-CHUN (Adviser: Mau-Roung Lin) Comparison of five fall-risk assessment tools in hospitalized patients in an acute-care hospital
2016 Wu, Hao-Hsin (Adviser: Ping-Ling Chen) Epidemiological Investigation of Population Exposed to Ferret-Badgers in Taiwan
2016 HUANG,HUNG-CHANG (Adviser: Mau-Roung Lin) Factors Associated with Use of Whole Body Computed Tomography Among Unconscious Trauma Patients in the Emergency Department
2016 KUO,CHUN-LIN (Adviser: Ping-Ling Chen) The Association Between The Frequency of ED Visits And Hospitalization Trauma Event In DM Patients With Hypoglycemic Episode.
2016 Tsai, Wan Ling (Adviser: Cheng-Kuei Chang, Yung-Hsiao Chiang) A novel objective assessment og gait function in patients with cervical spondylotic myelopathy